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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I apply for the Summer Associate Program?

To apply for an associate position at Weil, please submit an application for one of the open positions listed here.  Search firms should email candidate applications directly to the Recruiting Contact in the office(s) in which the applicant is interested.


Does Weil engage in diverse hiring?

The Firm recruits at approximately 45 law school and job fairs, and participates in resume collection programs at other law schools, as well. Weil also offers Diversity Fellowships for 1L and 2L law school students, helping support diverse attorneys who pursue careers at our U.S. offices. 


What does Weil’s interview process entail?

Weil’s interview process generally starts with an on-campus, introductory interview. This is often conducted by a partner and lasts 20 minutes. Applicants are quickly notified if they will receive a callback interview, which begins with a greeting from a member of the recruiting team. During the callback interview, the Applicant is escorted to four interviews, each of which lasts about 20 minutes.  Typically, two of those interviews are with a partner and two are with an associate or counsel.  After the interviews, a member of the recruiting team will meet with the applicant to answer any final questions. Out of town recruits are reimbursed for their travel expenses, hotel stay and meals.


How long is the Summer Associate Program?

Our Summer Associate Program runs for 10 weeks.


In what cities is Weil’s Summer Associate Program available?

Our Summer Associate Program takes place in Boston, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, Silicon Valley, and Washington, D.C.  The Firm’s headquarters is in New York.


Does Weil have offices outside of the U.S.?

For more information on Weil in Europe and Asia, visit


Can summer associates work in multiple departments?

New York summer associates work in two or three departments of their choice, are assigned to active matters and attend client meetings, negotiations, depositions and court hearings. This enables them to be in a position to select their future practice area and obtain a realistic view of what it is like to practice law at the Firm and within those departments.


Will summer associates interact with clients?

Summer associates will be working directly with the firms’ clients.


Do summer associates receive feedback on their performance?

Summer associates participate in a mid and end-of-program review and receive regular feedback from supervising attorneys throughout the summer.


Can associates have reduced work schedules?

Weil has a flex-time work program with options that work for you, the firm and our clients. Participation in a flex-time work program does not preclude associates from partnership consideration.


Does Weil have a billable hour requirement?

Weil does not have a billable hour requirement.


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