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Best Banking Firms for Diversity

To determine the Best Banking Firms for Diversity, we used a formula that equally weights the average score in all six diversity categories.
Survey Methodology

Vault has included a separate section for our diversity rankings. Insiders were asked to rate their firm's commitment to diversity with respect to women, racial and ethnic diversity, LGBTQ+ diversity, and diversity with respect to individuals with disabilities and military veterans. Firms with fewer than 15 responses for any given question were excluded from that ranking category. To determine our Best Firms for Diversity, we used a formula that weights the average score in all three categories equally. Like our "Quality of Life" rankings, the diversity rankings reflect the opinions and perceptions of insiders.

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2024 Best Banking Firms for Military Veterans

SCORE 9.507
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.471
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.333
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.163
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.150
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.101
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.927
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.737
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.333
2023 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.175
2023 Not Ranked