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Food Photographers


Though we owe the invention of photography to individuals such as Joseph NiƩpce, Louis Daguerre, and later, George Eastman, the idea of food photography as a career originated much more recently. Only in the last few decades have the food and culinary industries become so huge that marketing and promotion needs went to skilled professionals. Before, a general photographer might have snapped photos of hamburgers or other basic foodstuffs for menus, cookbooks, or advertisements. Now, a fast-food giant such as McDonald's will spend big bucks to hire a large team of food photographers, stylists, and other design consultants to make its Big Mac look like a "star." The food must be able to withstand the heat of lights without melting and the passage of time without wilting. Food photographers make their edible models as appealing as possible by using skills beyond those of the basic photographer.

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