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Hotel and Motel Managers


As travel became more frequent in the United States and around the world, the idea of a comfortable place for travelers to stay and rest became a reality. The earliest lodging places were probably simple shelters with no food or running water available. Better roads and means of transportation allowed more people the luxury of travel, which in turn raised the standard of lodging. The early inns, called mansions, were often located along roads. They offered a bed and, sometimes, a meal. The first hotel and motel managers were the owners themselves. They were responsible for maintaining the rooms, collecting payment, and providing food and drink to guests.

As hotels and motels began to consolidate, and chains were built, managers became more important. Many times, a single person, or family, would own numerous hotel or motel properties, and hire reliable people to help manage the business. Managers were trusted to run the establishments properly, turn a profit, and make sure rooms were filled.