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Distance Learning Coordinators

The Job

Distance learning (DL) coordinators oversee the daily operations of DL programs offered by colleges, universities, and other academic institutions. These are Web-based educational programs in which courses are offered online. Coordinators help develop the goals or plans of the distance learning programs, such as the courses that will be offered, the equipment used, and the quality assurance standards that are implented and maintained to ensure that quality education is provided. They supervise staff members of the DL department. They also train the distance learning teachers and staff in the procedures and tools of the DL programs, such as course management software.

The job entails daily communication with faculty, students, and staff, to keep all apprised of the online courses that are being offered and to also keep everyone up to date on any changes to the schedules, materials, services, or applications related to the DL programs. Distance learning coordinators periodically monitor and assess instructors' lectures to ensure that the topics discussed and the quality of the lectures meets the school's standards and curricula requirements.

In addition to strong communication skills, distance learning coordinators must also be well versed in information technology. They use computers and electronics daily in this job, not only for online communications but also to oversee the development of multimedia presentations that feature graphics, video, and audio. Some examples of the different types of software programs distance learning coordinators use include computer-based training software, user interface and query software, and video-conferencing software.