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Fashion Photographers


The art of photography goes back only about 180 years. The discoveries that eventually led to photography began early in the 18th century when a German scientist, Dr. Johann H. Schultze, experimented with the action of light on certain chemicals. He found that when these chemicals were covered by dark paper they did not change color, but when they were exposed to sunlight, they darkened. A French painter named Louis Daguerre became the first photographer in 1839, when he invented the daguerreotype. These early images were developed onto small metal plates and could not be reproduced in multiple prints.

Although the daguerreotype was the sensation of its day, it was not until that late 1800s when George Eastman invented a simple camera and flexible roll film that photography came into widespread use. With exposure to the negative, light-sensitive paper was used to make positive multiple copies of the image.

Advances in photographic technology allow today’s fashion photographers to use several different cameras, change lenses, and use special filters all on one photo shoot. Technology also allows them to "touch up" the photographs during the developing process or by using digital photography and image-editing software, removing any unwanted blemish or object from the picture.

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