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Investment Fund Managers

The Job

Investment fund managers work for investment banking firms, investment service companies, banks, insurance companies, and nonprofit organizations. They are responsible for helping clients to strategize their investments to meet their financial goals. They study their client's or organization's financial status and make financial and investment recommendations. They base their recommendations on their client's or organization's financial history and objectives, income and expenditures, risk tolerance, and current investments, and identify their short- and long-term goals.

The investment amounts vary according to the size of the client and their holdings, and most organizations or clients channel their investments into a diversified portfolio. Investment fund managers closely monitor current investments or active funds. If the investments are performing poorly or if there are other concerns, they may make recommendations for selling funds and changing to different funds to protect their clients' money.

Investment fund managers also create quarterly and annual financial reports. They use various software programs to accomplish their work, such as risk analysis software, financial analysis software, and spreadsheet software. They may also be responsible for establishing financial procedures, keeping financial records for operating and administrative expenses, and hiring and training staff members. 

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