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Investment Professionals

Tips for Entry

To be successful as an investment professional, you must keep up with current trends in business, the markets, and companies. Spend a lot of time reading financial publications to keep up with all of this ever-changing information.

Network. Find out who works in the industry in your neighborhood, religious group, or other organizations and let them know of your interest. They may tell you about an internship or other opportunity in the future. Some colleges have clubs or organizations for future financial professionals. Joining one can be a good idea.

Volunteer your time and abilities as an investment professional. People will learn about your skills and may be interested in hiring you in the future.

Earn the chartered financial analyst designation. This proves to companies as well as clients that you have a high level of knowledge and competency in your field.

If you're in college, maintain good grades. Employers are looking for students with high GPAs.

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