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Music Journalists


As newspapers have grown in size and widened the scope of their coverage, it became necessary to increase the number of employees and to assign them specialized jobs. This includes assigning reporters to different "beats," such as local and national news, sports, and entertainment. The latter category was soon subdivided into smaller groups, such as celebrity news, restaurant reviews, and music.

Today, the writings of music journalists are included in periodicals printed all over the country. These specialized reporters have become crucial parts of newspaper staffs and other news mediums, such as magazines, radio, and television. With the advent of the Internet, many periodicals have gone online, bringing the work of many music journalists to the Web.

Most magazines and newspapers have sections that focus on entertainment; others, such as Rolling Stone, focus entirely on music reviews and reporting. In either case, music journalists will continue to be in demand to write knowledgeable and creative articles about artists, bands, record sales, and the music industry.

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