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Solar Energy Sales Representatives

The Job

Solar energy sales representatives and assessors sell solar equipment and systems. They contact existing customers to discuss their current systems and areas for improvement. They also contact potential customers to inform them of the benefits of solar energy and to gather information about their solar energy needs.

Sales representatives and assessors are knowledgeable about solar power, systems, equipment, and services, and they share this knowledge with customers in meetings and presentations. They prepare proposals for solar energy equipment and systems, which includes price quotes and financing options. They meet with clients to discuss their needs and to assess sites for potential solar energy systems. They make sure that sites are suitable for solar energy equipment by taking measurements with compasses, tape measures, and computer software programs. They assess aspects such as the climate, shading, and the orientation of the roof.

Solar representatives and assessors also develop sales and marketing strategies for specific territories and customers. They conduct research on potential markets to generate new solar energy customer leads and to increase the number of their sales accounts. Based on the information they gather, they create customized energy management packages for customers. They also demonstrate the use of solar equipment and systems to customers and solar energy dealers. Sales representatives and assessors use computer-aided design (CAD) software programs in their work, such as Audodesk AutoCAD and Trimble SketchUp Pro, and customer relation software programs such as Salesforce CRM.

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