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Armored Truck Drivers


Armored vehicles date back to 1485 when Leonardo da Vinci sketched out an armored war vehicle. While the idea and design were flawed, sketches indicate that it had a circular platform on four wheels with cannons place on the circle facing out.

The first actual armored car built was in 1910 on an autocar type XXI truck. The Bellamore Armored Motor Bank Car was not only supposed to function like today’s armored car but was also supposed to act as a mobile bank branch.

In 1914, the chassis of the Rolls-Royce Ghost became the basis for the first armored vehicle used by the British military. It proved so useful during the war that it created a demand for armored cars around the world. Mercedes Benz also created the Nurburg 460 armored car which was the vehicle which used to protect Pope Pius XI.

Over the years, as armored cars have gained in popularity, other vehicle manufacturers have begun to design and create their own. Today, armored cars and trucks are common throughout the country and the world.