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Armored Truck Drivers

The Job

Armored truck drivers may also be known as armored car drivers, armored guards or armored messengers. They are couriers who drive armored, bullet proof security trucks, vans, or cars to transport money, jewelry, and/or other valuables from one location to another. They are trained security personnel. The key duty of armored truck drivers is to protect the valuables inside their vehicle and assure it arrives at its destination safely. They conduct individuals pick-ups and deliveries and guard the valuables as they are moved into and out of the truck. Individuals must drive safely, following prescribed routes, obeying traffic laws, and keep in contact with the company dispatcher.

Armored truck drivers load and carry bags of cash, coins, and valuables into and from armored vehicle at banks, protective service buildings, and businesses, and often lift and carry heavy items. Depending on the specific job, drivers may plan routes to assure safety and that the contents of the truck arrive intact. They may also pre-search buildings before dropping off valuable cargo. In many circumstances, drivers inspect packages prior to transporting them. Some drivers follow established routes and collect monies from parking meters.

Armored truck drivers are also responsible for protecting the other guards working a shipment. It is common to see teams of guards transferring cargo. One member of the team may drive the vehicle, while other individuals retrieve cargo from a store, bank, or building and load it on the truck.

Armored truck drivers are responsible for preparing reports and logs regarding their activities. These documents might include the number and types of things they picked up as well as where and when they picked them up and dropped off. In the event that they see suspicious activity, individuals are expected to call for assistance. They must be ready to react quickly, using force if needed to stop a crime against them or their vehicle.

Like armed guards and police officers, drivers may find themselves in difficult and dangerous situations. Although uncommon, robbery attempts and other emergencies may occur. According to John Dempsey, author of the book Introduction to Private Security, approximately 70 armored truck robberies take place every year, and approximately 54 percent of them involve violence. 

As armored truck drivers are typically classified as armed guards, they usually wear bullet proof vests and carry firearms.