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Energy Brokers


Energy sources date back to early times. Fire is the earliest energy. Man first used wood to fuel fire for heat and light. Charcoal and coal were later used as sources of fire. Since the 1800s other types of energy have been discovered and developed, such as natural gas and nuclear power, and renewable energy from the sun, wind, and water. Scientists and engineers continue to study and develop more energy-efficient technologies and products due to the heightened awareness of the limited supplies of coal and oil. Increased attention to protecting and conserving the environment is also driving the focus on developing and using renewable energy.

The job of energy brokers has become increasingly important and is expected to remain relevant in the years to come. Companies need energy brokers to help them lower their operating costs. Residential consumers need them to help them save on their monthly energy bills. Decades ago, energy brokers worked with natural gas, oil, and coal companies and government agencies that aimed to regulate the energy industry. There are now many different types of energy companies that require the expertise of energy brokers. Energy brokers and other energy consultants will continue to be in demand as laws and regulations regarding energy sources and usage, such as the Energy Policy Act and the Energy Independence and Security Act, change over time.

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