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Associates rate the reputations of peer firms in their own regions. These rankings reveal the most prestigious law firms by region across the U.S. Vault's 2025 Rankings are derived from Vault's Annual Associate Survey conducted from January 2024 through March 2024.
Survey Methodology

Sometimes all you care about is how a firm stacks up against its peer firms in a particular region of the country. That’s where our regional rankings come in. Each regional ranking is based on ratings from associates who actually work in that region and who were asked to rate firms based on local prestige. This year’s regional rankings include the following locations: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Florida, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, Mountain States, New York, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, the South Atlantic, Southern California, Texas, and Washington, DC.

Vault's 2025 Rankings are derived from Vault's Annual Associate Survey conducted from January 2024 through March 2024.

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2025 Best Law Firms in Washington, DC

SCORE 8.448
2024 Rank 1
SCORE 8.074
2024 Rank 3
SCORE 7.888
2024 Rank 2
SCORE 7.621
2024 Rank 4
SCORE 7.619
2024 Rank 5
SCORE 7.574
2024 Rank 6
SCORE 7.328
2024 Rank 8
SCORE 7.192
2024 Rank 10
SCORE 7.178
2024 Rank 7
SCORE 7.090
2024 Rank 9