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Content Management Specialists

The Job

Job duties for content management specialists vary by the size and type of employer. A CMS at a small company may be responsible for a variety of tasks such as creating content and uploading it to the content management system, making sure that the system is functioning correctly, and handling tasks such as marketing and data analytics. At a large employer, the CMS will probably not create content, but will spend all of his or her time managing the system and focusing on issues such as improving the user interface, data analytics, and search engine optimization and marketing techniques, among other responsibilities. The following paragraphs spotlight common duties for all CMSs regardless of employer.

Content Management

CMSs import, reorganize, and provide guidance on the placement and formatting of content for Web sites, social media, blogs, gaming consoles, and other digital platforms. They ensure that new content uploads or revisions are made in a timely manner. They work with editors, project managers, developers, and others to identify existing content that needs to be revised, deleted, or otherwise changed in order to keep the content management system up to date. They ensure that all content aligns with their employer’s brand and existing best practices for digital publication and presentation. At some employers, the CMS reviews, edits, and approves all content updates that are submitted by users of the system, and some specialists may work with photographers, videographers, designers, and other creative professionals to develop appropriate visual content to accompany stories, articles, marketing copy, and blog posts. At other employers, a high-level editor or Web site manager handles these tasks.

Marketing and Analytics

Specialists use search engine marketing and optimization techniques, pay-per-click advertising, and other methods to ensure that content is optimized for maximum visibility to major search engines. They use Google Analytics and other data analytics software to collect and assess data on content usage to help marketing staff better understand customer or client behavior and increase sales or increase site usage.

Technical and Design Issues

CMSs work with testers, developers, user-interface designers, and information security professionals to address issues that affect the visual appearance, functionality, and security of the content and/or user’s personal data. They work with developers to create new features that improve the functionality of the system for end-users.


Content management specialists teach new employees how to use the system, develop and implement an internal knowledge base (a central hub where information about the system is stored, maintained, and shared with employees), and may prepare technical documentation regarding the system.

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