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JavaScript Developers


JavaScript is a popular, text-based programming language that is most-often used to create front-end applications such as responsive and interactive web pages, but it is also utilized to create back-end components. The front-end consists of the features that the user sees and uses (i.e., the user interface). The back-end consists of the components (server configuration, database-related processes, and validation of users) that are unseen by the user, but which are vital for implementing the commands of the user. JavaScript developers use JavaScript and other programming languages to create Web pages, make mobile apps, develop back-end components, and meet other goals.

Salary Range

$50,000 to $100,000+

Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree




Faster than the Average
Personality Traits




Career Ladder
Chief Technology Officer, Consultant, or Professor

Director of Product Development

Experienced JavaScript Developer

Entry-Level JavaScript Developer

Software Tester

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