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Deepfake Professionals


Deepfakes are videos, photos, and audio files that have been manipulated by machine-learning (ML)—specifically deep neural networks—to appear to make people say or do things they have not done in real life. They are also known as synthetic media but should not be confused with other types of video or audio edits and manipulation that are created by traditional video or audio editing software. These types of deceptions are often known as cheap fakes. Deepfake professional is a general term for various workers who create deepfakes or develop software and other methods to identify the use of deepfakes. They also are known as deepfake artists, deepfake creators, deepfake specialists, deepfake detection researchers, and synthetic media professionals.

Salary Range

$50,000 to $100,000+

Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree




Faster than the Average
Personality Traits




Career Ladder
Business Owner, Consultant, or College Professor

Director of Machine Learning or Deepfake Technology

Deepfake Professional

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