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Database Specialists


Database specialists design, install, update, modify, maintain, and repair computer database systems to meet the needs of their employers. To do this work they need strong math skills, the ability to work with many variables at once, and a solid understanding of the organization's objectives. They consult with other management officials to discuss computer equipment purchases, determine requirements for various software programs, and allocate access to the computer system to users. They might also direct training of personnel who use company databases regularly. Some database specialists specialize in database systems, the physical and technical aspects of a database; others focus on the software that is designed for a specific database application or a set of applications. Database specialists may also be called database designers, database analysts, database managers, or database administrators in some businesses; at other businesses, these designations represent separate jobs. All of these positions, however, fall under the umbrella category of database specialist. There are approximately 116,900 database specialists working in the United States.

Salary Range

$25,000 to $100,000+

Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree




Faster than the Average
Personality Traits




Career Ladder
Database Administrator

Database Specialist

Database Analyst

Database/Software Developer

Computer Programmer

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