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Life Coaches

The Job

Life coaches help people in their professional and everyday lives by guiding them toward realistic goals. People hire life coaches when they want to improve in their business or job, and if there is an area in their life where they want to organize better or develop new skills. People who may be struggling with goals they have previously set may also consult with life coaches, to help them redirect their focus so they can reach their potential. Life coaches may specialize in health and wellness, spirituality, weight management, relationships, business, or other areas.

Life coaches are objective in their approach. Unlike friends and family members, life coaches can be unbiased when listening to their clients and can validate clients' hopes and dreams. They assess their clients' ideas and achievements to date, learning more about their professional life and lifestyles, to better understand what they hope to accomplish. Life coaches make recommendations for realistic goals, and educate clients about the steps they can take to achieve these goals. Life coaches monitor their clients' progress along the way, redirecting them as needed so they stay on course toward their goals. They use various computer software programs in their work, for online coaching as well as to create webinars and slide presentations to educate clients.

Once the goals are established, life coaches keep track of clients' progress through regular meetings, which may be in person or through video conferencing. They may meet weekly or once a month, however often is needed to maintain accountability and progress. Life coaches are trained in the various mindsets that can impede progress and are able to teach clients techniques and practices for working through obstacles. They help clients in adopting strategies to achieve goals, and these are strategies they can apply in other areas of their life as well.

Many life coaches are independent consultants who run their own businesses. In addition to marketing and promoting their services to increase their clientele, they must also maintain their current client base. Their work entails initial consultations, contract negotiation, appointment scheduling, progress tracking, invoicing, as well as business expenses such as payroll, tax filings, and office overhead.