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Unity Developers

The Job

A Unity developer is a software developer who has expertise in using the Unity game engine. Their job responsibilities vary by employer and the type of product that is being produced. But most Unity developers perform the following duties: develop designs or initial concept designs for computer games, VR or AR products, or other products that use the Unity game engine; meet with the design team to discuss design/concept ideas and specifications; design, build, and maintain efficient and reliable code (although a considerable amount of coding is now automated); and produce the audio features of the game or other products, such as character voices, sound effects, and music. During this process, many developers access resources at the Unity Asset Store, which offers artwork, 3D models, audio effects, and other design components. Developers also work on issues such as game functionality and user interfaces. They identify bugs within applications and work to resolve them. They continuously test the product during the development process to ensure that all bugs have been identified and functionality and user interface issues have been solved. It’s rare that any type of software or other product is completely error-free. When errors are discovered after a product is published, developers design and build software patches and upgrades to fix these issues. They continue to work to improve the product for future editions and/or apply the lessons they learned during the development process to create new products.  

Lead Unity developers supervise other developers and are responsible for technical strategy and the execution of projects from concept to finished product.

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