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Industrial Traffic Managers


As the modes of transportation have improved over the centuries, so have the means of transporting freight from place to place. Businesses can now choose from among many alternatives—air, water, truck, or rail—to determine the best method for sending their goods. They want to find the method that will be the most efficient, economical, and reliable arrangement for each particular type of cargo. The job industrial traffic managers perform has helped add organization and efficiency to an increasingly complex process. 

With the rise of mass production techniques in the 20th century, manufacturers have been able to produce more products than ever before. A company may produce hundreds of thousands of products each year, and each must reach its ultimate destination, the consumer. The vast numbers of products have created a need for people who specialize in seeing that products are packed, shipped, and received properly and efficiently. Today's industrial traffic managers make use of the latest technological innovations to coordinate the shipping and receiving of products worldwide.

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