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Online Producers


The manner in which people receive news and other information has changed with the popularity of computers and access to the Internet and mobile devices. People crave news—from breaking stories to real-time baseball scores—and are no longer willing to wait until the next morning's edition of their favorite newspaper to stay up to speed with the world around them. Also, smartphones and other mobile devices make access to the Internet possible while commuting to and from work. Web-based editions of newspapers, television stations, magazines, and radio stations have quickly found an audience. Online producers, professionals with writing, editing, and computer skills, are needed to maintain these sites with well-written and well-presented articles. They are also being tasked with managing their organization’s presence on podcasts, social networks, wikis, Twitter feeds, and other digital media. Additionally, online producers are in demand in nonjournalistic settings as many businesses and other organizations seek a place on the Internet.

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