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Ophthalmic Medical Technologists


The medical specialty of ophthalmology has origins in 1600 B.C., when many vision problems were already recognized. Back then, crocodile dung and lizard blood were just some of the primitive materials used to treat eye problems. More than 2,000 years ago, the Indian surgeon Susruta performed cataract surgery. This specialty did not develop in Western Europe until the mid-1800s, when a solid base of scientific research and medical advances in ophthalmology evolved. The ophthalmoscope, an instrument used to view the inside of the eye, was developed during this time.

Many significant scientific and technological breakthroughs continue to advance the field of ophthalmology. For example, retinal laser surgery (such as LASIK) to correct vision impairments is one recent groundbreaking procedure that has become a common practice among ophthalmologists. Ophthalmic medical technologists that are up to date on current ophthalmology technologies and practices are in high demand.

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