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Construction Managers


Construction, the building of any structure or infrastructure, has existed since early humans found the need to create shelter. Simple huts or cabins evolved to more sturdy structures, dirt paths changed to paved roads, and bridges were built to connect land once separated by rivers or streams.

As construction projects became larger and more complicated, the need arose for someone to organize and manage the many workers involved—the construction manager. In the past, managers came to their position after years of on-the-job experience—as carpenters, masonry workers, electricians, plumbers, or a host of other industry trades. Today, construction managers often have a college degree in construction science or engineering, as well as practical knowledge of the industry.

The growth of the construction industry and the need for qualified workers and managers resulted in the formation of various organizations devoted to training, educating, and advocating for those employed in construction. One such organization is the American Institute of Constructors (AIC). Incorporated in 1971, the AIC offers support and a standard of ethics for construction professionals. Members are entitled to continuing education and training, certification, and information on advances in the science of construction management. The Construction Management Association of America was founded in 1982 to establish standards for managing construction projects. It has nearly 16,000 individual (i.e., managers and educators), professional service company, and construction firm members. 


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