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Chief Trust Officers


Every decision a business makes in regard to the marketing and sales of its products and services, data management and security, short- and long-term business practices, employee diversity and inclusion, and other areas represents a chance to build, strengthen, weaken, or lose customer trust. Acquiring and keeping the trust of the public is becoming even more important to businesses as a result of high-profile instances of corporate accounting misdeeds, sexual and other types of harassment, data breaches, and abuses of the customer/shareholder-business relationship. “Trust and transparency are presenting as the new first-class differentiators, with experience, engagement, price, and quality all now settling in as second-class,” according to an article by Richie Etwaru in CIO. As a result, the career of chief trust officer has emerged to help companies build—or rebuild—trust between customers/shareholders and the business, as well as increase revenue.

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