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Top 150 Under 150

The 2025 Top 150 Under 150 is Vault’s list of leading small and midsize law firms with 150 lawyers or fewer. Vault created this list to recognize outstanding small and midsize law firms that deliver big results.
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Looking for a career at a top law firm, but wary of being a small fish in a big pond? Consider a firm from Vault’s Top 150 Under 150. For some lawyers, working at a small or midsize firm has provided greater opportunities for early responsibility, a higher quality of life, and increased chances for making partner than are available at many BigLaw firms.

To determine the Top 150 Under 150, Vault first developed a list of the best-known and most sought-after U.S. firms with 150 attorneys or fewer. Our editorial and research teams pored through Vault survey data, news stories, trade journals, and other legal publications; spoke with lawyers in the field; and reviewed other published rankings. Vault editors also assessed each firm for prestige, quality of life, and professional growth opportunities and then narrowed down the results to come up with a list of 150 law firms known for providing top-notch service and delivering big results.

As it would be impossible—and not particularly helpful—to compare an IP boutique with 30 lawyers in Palo Alto to a full-service firm with 145 attorneys in Boston, the firms are not ranked. Rather, the Top 150 Under 150 is a recognition of notable small and midsize law firms.

Top 150 Under 150

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