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Biofuels Production Managers

The Job

Liquid biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel can be used to power vehicles, produce heat, and generate electricity. Biofuels production managers oversee the manufacturing plants that create these biofuels. They oversee facility operations and staff, making sure procedures are followed according to safety standards, and that work is done according to schedule and within budget. They are also responsible for quality control.

Production managers work independently as well as with other staff members. They have many responsibilities, including managing operations and staff in production, shipping, maintenance, and quality assurance. They conduct data analysis and studies of production levels, safety procedures, and materials and process costs, with the goal of improving efficiency and safety while conserving costs. They take samples of biofuels products and by-products to test for quality control. The job also entails creating and managing budgets for the power plant and individual units of the plant. 

Biofuels production managers have strong knowledge of biofuels production procedures and machinery. During the manufacturing process they may use valves and gauges on machinery to adjust the temperature, pressure, level, or flow rate of biofuels. They make sure machinery is maintained and operating correctly, and fixed and replaced when it is not. People who work in this profession must understand such things as fermentation, chemical distillation, and grain refining, processing, and extracting processes; prior work experience in biofuels or related chemical plants is also beneficial. 

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