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Border Patrol Agents


As long as civilizations have established borders for their countries, people have guarded those borders and fought over them. All over the world, societies have created rules and regulations for entry into their countries. Some welcome strangers from other lands, but other societies only allow foreigners to live among them briefly before requiring them to leave. The borders between the United States and its northern and southern neighbors have been peacefully maintained almost continuously since the founding of the countries.

However, federal immigration laws make it necessary for border patrol agents to protect the citizens of the United States by patrolling its borders. Their job is to prevent illegal entry at all of the borders and to arrest or deport those who attempt to enter illegally. In recent years, an increase in narcotics trafficking has made the job of the border patrol agent even more challenging. In addition to preventing the entry of aliens, border patrol agents also prevent the entry of illegal substances, and patrol the borders to prevent terrorists from entering the United States.

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