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People, especially rich and powerful people, have always needed protection. Whether a CEO visiting an overseas plant or a political candidate on a campaign, people who make important decisions or control large sums of money always had guards whom they could trust by their side.

As security demands became more complex, the role of bodyguard evolved and expanded. No longer was it enough to simply know how to use a gun or to be particularly adept at martial arts. Bodyguards were expected to help devise strategies to avoid problem situations. They used new surveillance techniques, planning strategies, and other tactics to anticipate possible dangerous situations.

In recent times bodyguards have become involved in many different types of situations. Rock stars or movie stars hire bodyguards to protect themselves against being mobbed by overzealous fans. Executives of large corporations are also likely to enlist the aid of a bodyguard to protect against possible kidnapping or other types of harm. Bodyguards often accompany their clients overseas because police in other countries might not be able to provide the type of security the clients feel they need. Bodyguards often drive their clients from place to place while on assignment.

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