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Business Intelligence Analysts

The Job

Business intelligence analysts gather data from different sources and analyze it to help companies take steps to operate more efficiently and increase profits. They collect information from industry and field reports, public information, and purchased data reports. They study data from the past, review current business operations and conditions, and make predictions for the future.

Analysts' work involves analyzing market data or customer-related data and preparing reports that highlight industry and technology trends. They interpret data and explain in reports what companies can do with this information. They update information in computer databases and share information regularly with coworkers, supervisors, other staff members, and clients via written reports and e-mail, and by telephone and in person.

This type of work requires strong research and analytical skills, the ability to clearly communicate information in writing as well as verbally, and technology skills. Business intelligence analysts use various software programs to gather and study data, such as Apache Hadoop, IBM DB2, NetSuite ERP, C++, JavaScript, among many others.

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