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Advanced Manufacturing Technicians

The Job

The duties of advanced manufacturing technicians vary based on their educational training, job title, employer, and other factors. Generally advanced manufacturing technicians set up, calibrate, operate, and maintain equipment and work with engineers, scientists, and managers to improve quality and process efficiency. Under the supervision of engineers and scientists, research and development technicians conduct tests and experiments to improve products or manufacturing processes.

Automation technicians research to create new or improve existing advanced robotic systems. Some work with scientists and engineers to develop collaborative robots, which are designed to work safely and efficiently alongside humans, rather than in separate work spaces.

Mechatronics engineers, who are also known as electromechanical technicians, use the principles of computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering, along with systems integration and technical project management skills, to research, design, develop, test, and troubleshoot computer-controlled electromechanical systems.

Some technicians research advanced manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing, computer numerical control machining, and nanotechnology, as well as tools such as artificial intelligence, digital design and prototyping, Big Data, data analytics, virtual and augmented reality, and the Internet of Things to help their employers improve efficiency and increase productivity. For example, technicians and engineers have developed augmented reality technology—when used with specialized glasses—that allows workers to view holographic images of machine designs, measurements, and other information. This technology has reduced manufacturing downtime and improved efficiency. Other technicians have worked on projects that use additive manufacturing to create high-quality, precision parts quickly—saving time and material waste.

Due to technological advancements and demand, the Advanced Manufacturing Technician will be required to program a robotic arm capable of doing repetitive operations in a factory. Getting welding robots to perform properly in automotive manufacturing.

Tasks of an Advanced Manufacturing Technician:

  • repair and maintain the machinery or equipment in the industry
  • repair and replace broken machinery or equipment
  • assemble and disassemble machines when repair needed
  • diagnose the malfunctioned machine
  • examine parts for any defects
  • analyze test results, machine error messages
  • record repairs and maintenance performed
  • demonstrate the functionality and features of a machine to a new machine operator
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