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Geriatric Nurses

The Job

Geriatric nurses focus primarily on caring for elderly patients. This care may be provided in an institution, in the home as a visiting nurse or hospice nurse, in a retirement community, in a doctor's office, in the hospital, or at wellness clinics in the community. Some geriatric nurses may also give health seminars or workshops to the elderly in the community, or they may be involved in research or pilot studies that deal with health and disease among the aging population.

Geriatric nurses can expect to perform many of the skills required of any nursing professional. And, many nurses who specialize in other types of care, with the exception of pediatrics and obstetrics, almost always find themselves caring for the elderly as well.

There are many nursing specialties under the broad umbrella of geriatric nursing, from intensive care, to emergency, to cardiac, to oncology.

Some geriatric nurses receive additional pharmacology training. This nurse has an extensive knowledge of drugs (and their effects on the elderly), and oversees the administration of medications to patients. Many state and federal laws now dictate how facilities can restrain their patients either physically or medicinally, so geriatric nurses must be aware of these laws and see that the facility abides by these rules.

Another type of geriatric nurse is a charge nurse who oversees a particular shift of nurses and aides who care for the elderly. Although all health providers are required to do a lot of paperwork to document the care they provide and patients' progress, the charge nurse and administrators are responsible for even more documentation required by HMOs, the federal government, and insurance providers.

Geriatric advanced practice nurses are nurses who have completed at least a master's degree in nursing. They use this advanced education to provide comprehensive care to elderly patients in a variety of settings.

Advancement into administration positions such as nursing home administrator or director of nursing is common for persons involved in a geriatric nursing career.

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