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Computer Support Service Owners


Did you know there are museums devoted to "antique" computer hardware? Hang on to those old monitors, keyboards, and hard drives—they may be worth something to collectors and archivists some day. When you think about computers, you are probably not thinking about the past. Computer hardware and software is most often talked about in terms of the future, but computer technology has been in development for over a century. In 1854, George Boole invented Boolean algebra, a symbol and logic system used as the basis of computer design.

The 1950s brought IBM's first computers and the computer programming languages COBOL and LISP. By the late 1960s, people with computer skills served as consultants to develop hardware and software for manufacturers. The Independent Computer Consultants Association was founded in 1976. Consultants had many more opportunities when even small businesses began investing in computers. Office software, such as spreadsheet programs and programs that link computers together with a shared hard drive, were developed in the early 1980s. Many businesses and schools required the regular services of computer support technicians by the late 1980s. Today, computer support service workers play an integral role in the success of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. They also help the average person solve Information Technology issues. 

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