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Graphics Programmers


Computers are used not only to store and organize data; they also communicate data to other computers and to users. Computer scientists have made great strides in adapting computer technology for visual presentation. Graphics are an important communications tool and are now used in many diverse industries to interpret and display the relationships between various data elements. They can be used to illustrate difficult or abstract concepts, show ratios and proportions, or demonstrate how forces such as the weather change over time. As the graphics field has expanded, the emphasis has shifted from two-dimensional solutions, such as brochures or posters, to three-dimensional design, including screen displays for television, mobile devices, and Web pages. Computer graphics can also be used for interactive automobile design, medical simulations, animation, flight simulations, digital movie special effects, and virtual and augmented reality.

Although "hand skills," such as drawing and drafting are still used in graphics design, the computer has become the primary tool. The advantages of using computers are many, including speed, precision, and on-screen editing.

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