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Product Management Directors

The Job

Product management directors are responsible for managing the plans for products, making sure deadlines are met, and overseeing the work of product management staff. They collaborate with directors and managers in other departments, including development, marketing, sales, advertising, and finance. They work for a variety of industries, including software and technology, human resources, financial services, insurance, and automotive/transportation, among others.

Product management directors help to establish the vision and strategy for the product, working closely with product development directors and product analysts. They establish the objectives and activities of the product management team, and create and monitor the schedule for various assignments and deadlines. Product management directors may oversee the improvement process of products or make sure existing standards are maintained.

The directors lead meetings throughout all phases of the product's implementation so that all those involved are sharing their progress each step of the way and that problems and solutions are discussed. Directors also keep the product's stakeholders up to date on the progress of the product. They review strategic plans, budgets, research and development reports, and financial reports such as profit-and-loss forecasts.

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